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Jim Zorn (born James Arthur Zorn) is the current head coach of the Washington Redskins, a team in the National Football League. Zorn has been the head coach since being selected on February 9, 2008. Initially, owner Daniel Snyder hired Zorn as the offense coordinator. However, a few weeks after being hired at that position, he was promoted to head coach. Here are a few other details on the life and career of Jim Zorn.


Zorn grew up in Southern California and attended Gahr High School in the city of Cerritos. He played his college football at Cal Poly Pomona, which are known as the Broncos. Cal Poly no longer offers football as a varsity sport at their school.

Professional playing career

The Seattle Seahawks began their inaugural season in 1976, and Zorn was their quarterback. He was the starting quarterback until 1983, when he became a backup to David Krieg. Zorn's favorite target during those years was Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Steve Largent. The two became popular players for the Seahawks, though Seattle was not a very good team during those years. After playing of the Seahawks, Zorn had short stints with the Green Bay Packers, Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring in 1987. He had productive career, amassing 21,115 yards and 111 touchdowns.

Coaching career

From 1988-1996, Zorn worked in the college ranks. He was at Boise State University (quarterbacks coach), Utah State (offensive coordinator), and the University of Minnesota (quarterbacks coach). In 1997, he came back to the pro ranks with his old team, the Seattle Seahawks. He was an offensive "assistant" for two years. He was then the quarterbacks coach for the Detroit Lions for two years, before returned again to the Seahawks, where he was the quarterbacks coach from 2001-2007.

Future prospects

In Zorn's first year with the Washington Redskins, the team went 8-8. The future of Zorn as a coach is a bit difficult to predict. The lifespan of NFL coaches can be fairly short in today's society, particularly if the team is not winning. Daniel Snyder is not necessarily a patient man and Zorn may be a short leash. Unfortunately, the Redskins are in a tough division and while they have some talent, they are not expected to compete for their division title. If Zorn can survive the next couple of years, he may be able to stay on with Washington. Otherwise, he may be back coaching quarterbacks with another team soon.

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