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Deciding whether Steve Mclaren the right Man for the England Managers Job

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"Deciding whether Steve Mclaren the right Man for the England Managers Job"
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As far as English managers go, i would say that Steve Mclaren is the best English man for the job. But not the best manager for it. Most if not all 'homegrown' managers don't have the top level experience, and those that do are getting a bit past it now, as the nation wants to see the younger coaches given a try as the other countries have like Brazil and Germany. Like the on the field our youngsters are suffering now our managers are suffering from the foreign influx. Our top five clubs all have non-Englishman ate the helm. As it's a matter of instant success rather than a 5 year plan. Rather than wait for an up and coming teenager to take the place of the clubs leading striker, they go abroad and by another top class striker who Will continue from where the old striker left off. The same can now be said for managerial positions. For example Stuart Pearce getting the axe in order for a top foreign boss to replace him, in this case, Sven.

To get back on topic, i don't feel Steve Mclaren is the right man for the job, and that is due to his experience. He has been touted by the players as one of the best coaches, at Derby and Man Utd, but that is as the right hand man, which is what he was for Sven(behind Tord Grip that is). As Middlesbrough boss he did well, though not without errors, as the fan who through his season ticket at him would agree. He ended his career on what many would call a 'high' but at the end of the day even though Boro got to the final, they still lost. As harsh as it may sound Mclaren had his big moment in the UEFA cup and failed.

What confirmed my concern for his appointment was when he dropped David Beckham, not just for friendlies but qualifiers. Now even Joe Bloggs down the street who is a cricket fan would know that Beckham is one of if not the best right mid-fielders in the England team, if not the world. Why did Mclaren drop him? I believe simply because he wanted to prove a point to the media and fans that he is not a replica of Sven who of course adored Becks, but still got results might i add. We then struggled to beat teams who couldn't even lace up Scotland's boots let alone ours and then he recalls Beckham and we draw against Brazil and wins our next qualifiers. I think Mclaren has concentrated too much on mental things like the media rather than the physical aspects on the pitch. I like Mclaren, but i think his appoint has come too early, and i would have liked to have seen Phil Scolari become manager as he has passion, experience and the arrogance that is need to coach a world class team. Time of course will prove everything whether the skeptics were right all along or if the name Mclaren is more than just an F1 team, that it is in-fact one of the greatest managers to sit in the England hot seat. In my opinion it will almost take a miracle for it to be the latter.

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