Chris Benoit can never be replaced

Can Chris Benoit be Replaced
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"Chris Benoit can never be replaced"
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What Chris Benoit did in the last few days of his life does not change the fact that, as a professional wrestler, he can never be replaced. Trained by Stu Heart, Benoit became one of the best and most respected professional wrestlers ever to grace the world of sports entertainment.

Over his 22-year-career, Benoit worked extensively in Japan and for all three major promotions in the United States, winning many titles along the way. However it was not until 2004 that Benoit finally won his first world championship. Many felt that he, as well as some others on the roster were just too small to be taken seriously as world title contenders. So Benoit and other smaller wrestlers had to work hard to prove that you don’t always have to be the biggest guy to be the best wrestler. This is a trend that has continued with smaller wrestlers, including Rey Mysterio Jr competing for and winning world titles.

At Wrestlemania XX, Benoit’s dream was finally realised when he defeated then world champion Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match by making Triple H submit to his signature Crippler Crossface to win his first, and sadly only, world heavyweight championship. After winning the match, Benoit was joined in the ring by his long-time friend Eddie Gurrerro, who had retained his WWE title earlier that night, and the pair celebrated together in the ring, sharing an amazing and emotional moment. This moment shared with millions of fans world wide was not just about their respective title wins, but about overcoming all the obstacles that both men had faced in their careers.

That moment and many other amazing moments in the twenty-two year career of Chris Benoit can and will never be repeated. Chris Benoit was undoubtedly one of the best technical wrestlers ever, he was involved in many great matches and storylines over his amazing career and until his death, he was sure to one day be inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

Benoit was undoubtedly one of the best technical wrestlers ever, with amazing ring psychology as well, making him a true story teller in the ring, exactly what so many others try to do and fail. When Chris Benoit was on his way to the ring, the fans knew that they were in for a great match every time, whether it was at a house show or at Wrestlemania, Benoit always gave his best in the ring. Will there be other great technical wrestlers? Of course there will. Will there be others that just like Benoit over come all the obstacles in their path to win the world heavyweight title? Yes, there will be. However, the fact still remains that the world lost one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever in 2007 and Chris Benoit can never be replaced.


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