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Wrestler profiles: John Cena
By: Anonymous Anomaly
Imagine a wrestling fan that had not watched wrestling since the attitude era tuning in "Monday Night Raw" to watch John Cena, the current face of the WWE for the first time. They would be struck by how lousy and depressing John Cena is. They...
The greatest WWE tag teams of all time
By: John Atchison
When one considers the greatest ever in a particular sport, the lists are bound to have a subjective element to them. This is doubly so when one considers tag teams in the professional wrestling arena. Does one go by the popularity of given figures, or...
The reasons why so many women like professional wrestling
By: Jan Tino
The majority of professional sports today are courting female fans. They offer YouTube tutorials, classes in the basics of the game, advertise in women's magazines and they sell pink sports attire. They expand their market by attracting women. Professional wrestling is no different. In a...
By: Can Tran
In April of 2012, Brock Lesnar made his return appearance to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There, Lesnar cemented his return by performing his signature move on John Cena. Lesnar's return is something that should not be surprising to both wrestling and MMA (mixed martial arts...
Is Wrestler John Cena a Superstar or a Dud
By: Kirsty O'Lone
Love him or hate him? Either way every wrestling fan has an opinion on John Cena and this is why he is a superstar. Fans are not supposed to like every single wrestler on the roster and the fact that he gets such a passionate...
WWE records not likely to ever be broken
By: Bruce Bostwick
The WWE has records that have been established for so long that they may never be broken; records that involve something deep into the past that have been set in stone for so long it would be nearly impossible due to length of time. Just...
By: John Atchison
Ask professional wrestling fans who is the most powerful man in the sport today and the answer is most likely to be Vince McMahon. After all, WWE is still the biggest wrestling promotion going these days, having outlasted all other challengers to this point. What...
Paul Heyman's influence on the WWE in 2013 so far
By: Wayne K. Wilkins
Paul Heyman is one of the most influential managers in the history of professional wrestling and aside from managing countless champions, he is also renowned as being the man in charge throughout the rise to prominence of the Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion. All mouth and...
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