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How the Ashes cricket series got its name
By: Nigel Percy
Imagine, if you will, a time of affluence and certainty, when everyone knew their place and the world was orderly and England ruled a vast empire. A time when Englishmen...
Cricket history: Kerry Packer's legacy to the world of cricket
By: Lawrence George
Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket only ran between 1977 and 1979. For a brief time, it tore the world of cricket apart and led to players being banned from playing...
Test cricket: All-rounders who scored over 100 runs and took over 10 wickets in a match
By: Tim Harry
In cricket the test match is the pinnacle of the sport. Test matches pit one country against another, and as of 2013 only 10 countries have test status. To play...
Cricket celebrities: Famous brothers in cricket teams
By: Gregory Crowther
Cricket has a long and distinguished history, having been played since the 18th century in England, and as an international sport since the first match between England and Australia in...
By: Tim Harry
The Cricket World Cup has now been in existence since 1975, and has established itself as one of the biggest sporting events. The 2011 is the tenth tournament to be...
By: Jonathan Greengrass
The sport of cricket is home to many great rivalries, from India and Pakistan to Australia and New Zealand. These rivalries have been played out over decades of heated competition...
By: John Gray
The Ashes is much more than a sporting contest. It is much more than a simple game of cricket, it is an ultimate battle and struggle of wills between two...
An overview of the different types of cricket matches
By: D. Victor
When looking at a cricket player's profile, you may notice that statisticians categorize player statistics according to the type of matches played. For example, international matches are recorded separately from...
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