Coaching guide to cricket
By: Quintin Wiese
I would like to structure this articles in such a way that we can develop and coach children from all different skill sets. The structure will hence be as follows; Fielding Bowling Batting Fielding: Before we can start teaching how to bowl and bat it...
What is spot-fixing in cricket?
By: Maryam Idris
Cricket is a sport that's commonly played in England, Australia, the West Indies, the Indian subcontinent, and Southern Africa. It consists of two teams, each made up of eleven players, and is similar to baseball. One team is up to bat, while the other team...
By: Jonathan Greengrass
The sport of cricket is home to many great rivalries, from India and Pakistan to Australia and New Zealand. These rivalries have been played out over decades of heated competition and have produced some of the most memorable moments in the history of sport. No...


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