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British Horse Racecourses Haydock Park

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Haydock Park in Haydock, England is a very busy park with the very best of Flat and Jumps Racing.  Popular races include the Grand National Trial, The Temple Stakes, the Old Newton Cup and Lancashire Oaks, the Sprint Cup and the Betfair Chase. When the ground is soft, sprinters will have the fastest times. When the ground is hard, horses with the highest endurance will win.

Flat course

The Temple Stakes is a race for three- year old thoroughbreds. It takes places in May. The course is five furlongs. Winners move on to the King’s Stand Stakes. Lancashire Oaks race is a July race featuring mares and fillies. Its distance is 2396 metres. The Haydock Sprint Cup takes place in September and features horses three-year old and older. The distance is 1207 metres.

Jump Races

The Grand National Trial is a similar trial. It takes place in February. The race is 5633 metres in length with 22 fences to jump. It started out as a three-mile race. Winners move on to the Grand National. The Old Newton Cup links the original course with Haydock Park. It occurs in July. It is similar to the Lancashire Oaks race. The Betfair Chase is a three mile race for horses five years and older. It has eighteen fences to jump. It takes places each November. This is a newer race having begun in 2005.


Haydock Park is indeed a park. It has 127 acres of woodland and avenue lined with trees. The park has five enclosures: Premier, County, Tattersails, Newton, and Paddock. Each has restaurants and bars for people of all tastes. The Park offers rooms for people who want to spend the entire weekend there. It has accommodations for receptions, weddings, and balls.


Jockey Club Racecourses owns and operates Haydock Park. A Lancashire family originally owned the property and called themselves Newton. Race meetings took place from 1752 to 1898 with the exception of 1820. Race sponsors, in those days, were hunting folk. Racers today use Haydock Park extensively. Safety of the jockey and the horses is their game. They recycle and use strict conservation rules. They treat all people with honesty and care. They want to create new and exciting events to draw a bigger crowd. 

Four grandstands and 33 private viewing suites, restaurants, bars and leading conference facilities, Haydock Park offers world-class racing as well as spectacular events that attract thousands of visitors each year.


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