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Bodybuilding for Students – No

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"Bodybuilding for Students - No"
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Weight training and body building are completely different activities. The main difference between the two pursuits are the goals which each of them sets out to achieve. While weight training's main goal is to improve a persons maximum strenght, bodybuilders train to look aestetically pleasing. While neither activity is necessarily better than the other, they each have different results. The student deserves the choice of which activity he/she would like to pursue.

While both achieve seperate results, they do have certain similaraties in how they are trained. The most obvious similarity is that both use weight to build muscle. While old school weightlifters focus more on compound movements involving mutliple muscle group such as the sqaut, bench press and deadlift, bodybuilders spend alot more time on isolation exercises, such as bicep curls and tricep dips. These isolation exercises are not very productive for the student who's goal is to achieve max. strenght.

Despite the fact that bodybuiding concentrates on isolation exercises, most bodybuilders still incorporate the three main compound lifts (squat, deadlift and bechpress) into their routines, just not to the same extent as old school weightlifters. This is due to the fact that they are tried and tested exercises that are proven to increase muscle size and strenght. Perhaps it would be a better idea to add some of these lifts into a student's school life, as it gives the option of venturing into either activity.

It's true that children and teenagers simply don't get enough exercise in today's world. What with Xboxes, Playstations, Nintendos - is it any wonder that obesity is becoming a bigger problem every year in our society? It is never a bad idea to include extra exercise and activities to a students life.The fact is, if they are introduced to these activities at school, there's a great chance that they'll pursue such an activity outside of school aswel. However, when introducing such pursuits to a students routine it is important that the student is not being forced into an activity which may have a negative affect on other goals tthat hey may have. It is important to keep general, especially at this age. It's essential that they don't get forced into a specific routine (such as one aimed  at bodybuilding). If this were to happen it would discourage students who weren't good at it, or had no interest in it. from participating.

To conclude, while I agree that students need more physical activity, bodybuilding is not the answer to this problem. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with bodybuilding, students should not be forced into such an activity while at school.

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