Best workouts for marathon/half marathon training

5 best gym exercises for runners
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"Best workouts for marathon/half marathon training"
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Most runners who try to run extremely long distances know that in order to be successful that you should do more than just run. There are three main types of workouts that runners could do: Yoga, weight training and pilates.

Why is this necessary? If you have stronger legs and arms it will allow you to run up hills faster and easier. With stronger legs arms and core that could also improve your times, especially on your shorter runs and over time it could also improve your endurance. Plus, just like in any other sport if you are more physically fit it will also lessen your chance of injury.

Here are some suggested exercises that one can do to help them become more proficient in each category listed above:

Weight training

Arm curl

There are two main types of curls. Bicep curls and triceps curls. The difference between the two are very basic. With a bicep curl, you put your hands underneath the barbell, lift it to your chest and then drop it by extending your arms while standing up.

With a triceps curl you do the same motion but instead having the hand over the bar, place your hands under it. How does this help? It increases your overall arm and upper body strength. According to an article on, your arms can also be used for balance. Plus let’s face it, if your running either 13.1 or 26.2 miles, that is going to be a lot of arm pumping. 


Put an appropriate amount of weight on the barbell and then lift the barbell over your head so it is just above your shoulders. Once the barbell is just above your shoulders, squat down as safely as you can and then come back up and repeat as many times as you can.

Squats help with overall leg strength and can also help with your explosiveness which can pay off during your speed and tempo runs when increasing your pace. 


Wide leg standing forward bend with twist

Stretch out both legs as far as you can. Move both hands to the same leg and come as close to touching your toes as you can and hold for five to 10 breaths. Then repeat with the second leg. This exercise is good for your core and hips.

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Not the type of swimming you think, this type is actually on land. The way you do it is to lye down on your stomach and then extend your arms out in front of you as you are reaching for something. Then pull up your stomach, arms and legs at the same time, making the motion as you are about to swim. The trickiest part of land swimming is you breathe in five consecutive times then breathe out five consecutive times. This exercise was in article about Pilate workouts for Runners..

The elbow push up

The elbow push up probably isn’t quite what your thinking. If you can hold it for a period of time this one will increase your arm strength and also your core. First thing to do is to lay flat on your stomach. When you are raise your legs (you can get on your knees at first if you have to) then put both elbows on the ground and hold yourself up with your elbows while simultaneously flexing your stomach. If done properly this will increase your biceps and your core.

So what are some of the best types of exercises for runners? Weight training, yoga and pilates. It is best to create a customized workout plan through either an experienced runner, doctor or running coach if you have never run before.


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