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Beginners Guide to Rodeo

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"Beginners Guide to Rodeo"
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Rodeo, the greatest American tradition that brings to mind such things as, tight jeans, blood, mud, beer, 2000 lb bulls, a place where men are men and woman are glad of it. there is no guide to the experience of rodeo, it's a lot more then just a show, it's a lifestyle, the belt buckle won is worn with pride on any cowboy, the bruised ribs are shown to friends and family as a rite of passage.

If you are planing on taking the family too there first rodeo, good for you, it is something the kids will remember forever, I grew up in the rodeo, my family was cowboy from the start, my baby shoes were not shoes but boots, I was ridding horses before I could walk. What your kids wont see in the rodeo are the hours or days of driving a beat up, old pick up truck across 4 states to be in the show, the fact that if they get bucked off in the first round, they don't get paid, most of the rodeo animals get treated better then the cowboys ridding them, most don't even know what health insurance is, let alone actually have any, these men are the throw backs to another time, they know that when that bull steps on them they don't have the money to pay the hospital, they know there lives are on the line for entertainment, and yet they do it anyway, why? Because it gets in the blood, the gold buckle is the end of the rainbow, 8 seconds is there only lifetime, the wife back home is packing to move away and taking the kids with her but are they home? No, they are on the bull again, grabbing horns and sinking spurs, for the challenge, for the chance to say I did it, I rode the bull nobody else rode, I threw the steer in record time, I roped the calf faster then any man before, I did it, and only me, I am the best man in the country and I earned it. Few realize the dream but chasing the buckle is there life, trying to hustle one of the buckle bunnies for a night is there only diversion.

Do you really want a guide to rodeo? Throw yourself off the roof of the house, when you wake up you can pretend you just got thrown and landed bad, it is the same thing these cowboys go through every weekend, even a good ride hurts, the body is not made to be treated like this, week after week.

After 4 years on the circuit I have trouble even getting out of bed, just walking is a pain I can barely handle, Jack Daniels is the only comfort I have, sleeping is a joke, but I have the buckle, and nobody can ever take it away, on that day in 1983 I was the best, I was better then every man on earth. and when the pain gets to much, I grab my buckle, smile, dream and for a minute the pain goes away, was it worth it? You may say, no way man, but too me it was worth every stitch, every cast and every night in the hospital, nothing will ever take the place of the buckle, ever.

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