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Baseballs Hardest Records to be Broken

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"Baseballs Hardest Records to be Broken"
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There have been many records set, and many records that were broken.  I am going to list the top five records that I think will never be broken.

Joe Dimaggios 56 game hit streak

“Joltin’ Joe” Dimaggio’s hit streak is one of the most famous records in baseball.  He started his streak on May 15, 1941, against the Chicago White Sox, where he went 1-for-4.  On July 17th, Dimaggio was “robbed” of two hits, by third baseman Ken Keltner, who made two spectacular back-handed stops at third.  Dimaggio hit an amazing .409 during his streak, and later helped the Yankees become World Series Champs.  This record has stood for 69 years, and was “almost” broken by Pete Rose, 44 games.

2.  Nolan Ryan’s 7 career no-hitters

Nolan Ryan is one of the most well-known and best pitchers of all-time.  Throughout his career he threw 7 no-hitters, the most of any pitcher.  He was also the oldest pitcher to throw a no-hitter at the age of 44.  Sandy Koufax is number 2 on the list with 4 no hitters, including a perfect game.  Ryan also holds the most single-season strikeouts with 383.

3.  Hack Wilson’s 191 RBI’s

Hack Wilson’s record has stood for 80 years.  Lou Gehrig was the closest to break it (184), and Manny Ramirez in 1999 (165).  Although there have been some close calls, in 1998 Juan Gonzalez drove in 100 runs, before the All-Star break!  He ended up, though, with 157 RBI’s at the end of the season.

4.  Orel Hershiser’s 59 single-season scoreless innings streak

Hershiser's incredible 59 1/3 scoreless innings streak, was previously held by Don Drysdale of the Dodgers, who pitched 60 scoreless innings, but took his streak into the next season.  Gregg Olson was the closest with 41, but took the streak into two seasons, and Greg Maddux in a single-season with 39 1/3 scoreless innings.

5.  Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played

By far, the most famous record in baseball.  Cal broke Gehrig’s record at Baltimore on September 6, 1995, against the California Angels.  He later went on to extend the record, by more than 500 games.  That’s more than 3 seasons!  On September 19, 1998, Ripken ended his streak against the New York Yankees, in the Orioles final home game of the season.

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