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Are the new England Patriots Cheaters – Yes

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"Are the new England Patriots Cheaters - Yes"
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Of course they cheated! Come on! Let's just play ball for the love of the game!

Video-taping the signs of the other team? Really? At pro level? Isn't that a bit juvenile and underhanded?

Pro-level spying...Since we are dealing with grown men, couldn't they be a bit more discreet? Lots of questions, I know, but where are the answers?

Bill Belichick is the coach for the New England Patriots, and he is being accused of illegally stealing the signals from an opposing team. He gave a statement claiming that he had spoken with the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell concerning the allegations. Belichick denied any knowledge of wrong doing. He summarizes the incident as a misinterpretation of league rules concerning VIDEOTAPING another team's signals. (Excuse me while I pick my bottom lip up off the floor!)

The whole issue seems a bit slimy, for lack of a better insulting word. The athletes who play for the Patriots are professionals who have worked many, many years to get their positions. To slink to spying on another team to gain an advantage, rather than using talent on the field, is ridiculous.

Belichick did apologize for the entire matter. While his apology is to be accepted and forgiven whole-heartedly, it can not be forgotten. There must be consequences. What those are will be up to the league and to the fans.

There is no pretending that the Patriots are the only team that does this. But, now the issue is up front for all of us to see. The media has it in their hands. Whether the head coaches are personally behind it is of no concern. Who actually was behind the camera is of no concern either.

It seems to be coming to light that it is a league problem, and the Patriots got caught. So be it. They will take the heat. Be sneaker next time. Or better yet, don't do it.

Aren't the signals on the field to be seen by all anyway? Why go to the extra effort to tape them? Again, I repeat, Juvenile. Whether it is one team or every team.

Come on guys! Play ball! For the love of the game! Just play ball!

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