An overview of Daniel Bryan’s WWE career

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"An overview of Daniel Bryan's WWE career"
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Daniel Bryan has proved to be one of the fastest rising WWE superstars in a long time. However, despite still being labeled as a “rookie” by the WWE, Bryan has actually been an active competitor in the world of professional wrestling since the late 1990s. Known as an “icon” in Ring of Honor and known as both “The American Dragon” and “Bryan Danielson” all over the world, Daniel Bryan has gone on to permanently cement his legacy in the ring after taking the WWE by storm. As the current WWE tag-team champion and former world heavyweight champion, his career in the WWE thus far has been epic.

Bryan started out working for the WWE as a member of NXT. However, it wasn’t long before he joined the Raw roster. By the end of 2010, his push was just starting and he went on to defeat The Miz for the United States championship. Enjoying a successful reign with the gold throughout 2010 and early 2011, he went on to lose the title to Sheamus. However, Bryan’s journey to fame, success and championship glory would continue at the 2011 “Money in the Bank” pay per view when he claimed the right to challenge for the world heavyweight championship.

Later in the year, Bryan would cash in said briefcase and win the world heavyweight championship from The Big Show. Enjoying a successful reign as a heel champion, Bryan would begin chanting “Yes!” to the fans. Later, this would become “no!” depending on his disposition as a face or a heel. After a brilliant run with the gold that was well received by the entire WWE Universe, Bryan would shockingly lose the gold to Sheamus in under 20 seconds at WrestleMania 28 in 2012 after a sudden brogue kick. Bryan would quickly enter a marriage storyline with AJ Lee that would again end in disaster for Bryan, and he would soon find himself in “therapy”.

In “therapy”, he met Kane. He and Kane were quick to form an unexpected alliance as a throwback to Kane’s previous unexpected partnerships with the likes of X-Pac and Rob Van Dam. The two, who would go on to become known as “Team Hell No” would quickly rise to the top of the WWE Universe as the WWE world tag-team champions. Their unlikely partnership would again be shook to the boundaries at the 2013 Royal Rumble when Bryan eliminated Kane from the match. Kane would later catch Bryan and save him from being eliminated, before dropping him to the ground and eliminating him too in revenge.

The WWE is currently building up to a Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane rivalry that will culminate in a match at WrestleMania 29. While Daniel Bryan may not currently be in the WWE championship picture, he remains a crucial part of the WWE roster and he is a flawless main event caliber superstar and before long, he will undeniably be in the main event picture once again. Thus far, Daniel Bryan’s career has been incredible in the WWE and he arguably only has a very bright future ahead of him.


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