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2009 Fantasy Football Top five Busts Selections

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"2009 Fantasy Football Top five Busts Selections"
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It's September and you are putting together all of your notes for your upcoming 2009 Fantasy Draft. You can hardly wait to gather your childhood buddies and set up that draft board at your local sports bar. You know that the waitresses are thinking that you guys are a bunch of nerds but you could care less. What they don't know is you are about to embark on your championship season. It's because you know you are not going to draft some of these popular picks.

Brandon Marshall-WR Denver

There is a Terrell Owens' saga developing in Denver and it is called Brandon Marshall. He was a clear top pick for wide receivers but after letting his mouth get the best of him he has lost quite a bit of value. The Denver Broncos suspended him and has reinstated him just prior to opening kick off. He is too much of a risk and could be dealt out to another team.

New England Patriots Defense

New England defense icon, Tedy Bruschi has retired after 13 NFL seasons. New England Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a 2010 draft pick. It would be safe to say that the steadfast New England defense would be unpredictable with the new additions and more importantly the losses. Tedy Bruschi wasn't just a player he was the Defensive Line's heart.

Jamal Lewis-RB Cle

Jamal Lewis has dropped quite a bit between 2007 and 2008 in fantasy value.The Cleveland Browns signed Lewis as a free agent in 2007 where he turned out quite the season with an impressive 1,304 yards along with 9 touchdowns. Last year he dropped to just a little over 1,000 yards. After 9 seasons and turning 30 years old I think we have seen the best of Jamal Lewis. His production for the 2009 season is questionable and drafting him would be a gamble.

Kurt Warner-QB Ari

Warner drove the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory over the Tennessee Titan in 2000. He broke passing records in the 2000 Super Bowl game and was named the Super Bowl MVP. Kurt Warner was excellent during his 2008 season where he took the miracle Arizona Cardinals into the Super Bowl for the first time. So why wouldn't you take a guy with that history? Well much like his 2000 season, his numbers fell badly and was touted as washed up two years ago by experts. Kurt Warner is a well-liked player with an inspirational story but I think he will take that age-related decline in performance. Like Brett Favre you should never draft players on the brink of retirement and near 40 years old. Matt Leinhart is waiting in line.

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