Fire Vehicle Graphics: How to Select The Right Quality For Your Department

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Fire vehicle graphics are an essential part of any fire department’s apparatus. They help identify what type of company you belong to and give off a professional look that commands respect from other drivers on the road. Fire trucks are often the most visible fire department symbol with bright colors […]

Fire Vehicle Graphics: How to Select The Right Quality For Your Department

Fire vehicle graphics are an essential part of any fire department’s apparatus. They help identify what type of company you belong to and give off a professional look that commands respect from other drivers on the road.

Fire trucks are often the most visible fire department symbol with bright colors and creative designs. Fire Truck graphics provide critical safety features according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)1901 Section 4 – 21 and present an opportunity for both differentiation from other departments or customizing your own vehicle’s appearance.

The pride you take in being a part of one specific unit can easily translate into how people perceive yours, too. Showing off symbols like logos & emblems on shirts will help make it easier than ever before when responding during emergencies where visibility is crucial.

The fire department should consider the content and purpose of their graphics when deciding on a design.

Importance and Uses of Fire Trucks Graphics

Fire vehicle graphics are a great way to personalize your department’s vehicles while still meeting the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These reflective strips make it easier for you and other operators in visual distress and increase visibility during day or night time conditions.

The following list includes some of the most important safety standards that should be considered when designing a fire protection system:

  • Reflective striping must cover at least 25% of the front of your vehicle with a minimum 4-inch tall layer.
  • The reflective striping on your truck must reach at least 50% of the way up and across both sides, as well as 4 inches tall.
  • All aerial equipment must have reflective material.

Fire departments have been using graphics to show their personalities and styles for decades. They use them in all sorts of ways, like on firefighters’ helmets or trucks so they can be seen better at night when responding to drives by citizens who need help with emergencies.

Fire Graphics Selection for Your Fire Apparatus

Graphic elements are crucial in deterring fires. Fire departments worldwide use them to reflect their varying needs and challenges, such as those faced by a department based out of New York City compared with one that operates primarily in rural areas or forests.

Fire departments can customize their trucks with graphics to show the type of service. The many types include:

  • Fire Department Name
  • Logo
  • Unit Number
  • City, Town, or Village
  • Quoted or Sayings
  • Flags
  • Logos

Working with a qualified expert will help you create the perfect design for your department. They’ll ask critical questions and make recommendations based on their extensive knowledge to ensure that it is an asset, not just another logo in disguise.

Are Fire Vehicle Graphics for Fire Departments Available?

Fire departments have two options for graphics for their apparatus; either decorative or reflective. These materials each come with unique attributes that help them determine what type will best suit the needs of new vehicles so that they can stay safe during emergency responses.

Decorative Graphic Materials

The fire department has five different decorative materials to choose from when designing logos, lettering, and artwork. These include:

  • The vinyl material is suitable for fire truck signage because it’s non-reflective and produces vibrant colors.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™. The reflective properties of this material make it an excellent choice for enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. The high quality and durability will ensure that your logo stands out, even when faced with harsh weather elements such as rain or snow.
  • Gold Leaf. The use of gold leaf lettering on fire apparatus is an art form with decades-worth its legacy. For departments looking for a unique detail, few companies offer this service today as Graphics Design International does; more than 70% each year includes 23karat artisan workmanship in the production process.
  • Printed Gold Leaf Effect. This product provides a cost-effective way to produce the look of real gold leaf lettering. With printed designs that mimic burled patterns, this effect can be achieved using design software and reflective material for an affordable price tag.
  • Sign Gold. This material comes in sheets and can be manually cut to achieve the desired effect with just one machine.

Reflective Materials for Your Graphics

The three reflective colors used by GDI Graphics are detailed below. These standards allow fire departments to have a limited number of options on the rear, but any other side or front can be whatever color they choose as long as it meets NFPA requirements and approval from their city council.

  • 3M Scotchlite. A unique reflective material that can be applied in many ways. It’s highly reflective and doesn’t require edge sealing, making it easy to cut with scissors or knives right from the package.
  • 3M™ Diamond Grade. The perfect material for achieving high-quality results in any project. It features an innovative design with thick honeycomb cells, making it easier than ever to seal all edges during application.
  • ORALITE®. A revolutionary new material that can be cut and applied in seconds—no more waiting for your edges to dry.

With a dedication to the highest quality materials, Graphics Design International can create fire apparatus that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

GDI Graphics’ Fire Vehicle Graphics Selection and Application Process

When you work with Graphics Design International, we’ll care for your department’s unique needs and requirements. We have a four-step process focused on delivering exceptional results for any firehouse:

  1. Color Rendering Layout
  2. Final Graphic Approval
  3. Rendering to the Designers
  4. Assemble the Graphics

What Makes GDI Graphics Different from Other Manufacturers

Graphics Designs International is dedicated to creating fire trucks that stand out from the rest. The company’s graphics process offers uniqueness in two key areas–the use of stickers for emergency responders and their choice of color, and what typeface looks best with it all.

  • Dedicated Graphics Team. The fire trucks in Florida are more than just vehicles for putting out fires – they’re also artistic expressions. The company’s in-house team of talented designers creates custom designs that exceed expectations, employing a variety of artists and graphic professionals to bring their ideas from paper sketches or computer renderings into reality on large-scale rigs across America.
  • Life-Long Apparatus Service Support. The fire department has an emergency contact number for any graphics issues during service. If there is ever a problem with your graphic, you can call this number, and it will be fixed immediately.

Check out the new deliveries gallery and see some of our creative fire vehicle graphics.

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