Defund police? People will die in vehicle wrecks | Letters

Last summer, I witnessed a serious motor vehicle accident in Vineland.

Vineland police, fire and EMS units responded quickly. They did an outstanding job controlling the scene, treating the injured and transporting them to the hospital. I read later that there were no fatalities in this accident.

Looking back, and considering today’s political climate, I shudder at the thought of how that accident scene might have played out had those on the radical left in this country — who include some who identify with the Black Lives Matter movement — gotten their way in calling for police to be “defunded” or even abolished.

Without the police to provide emergency assistance at the scene, control traffic, and investigate the accident for court and insurance purposes, the fire and EMS departments would have been unable to do their jobs. The end result could have been lives being lost.

As long as there are motor vehicles on the roads, there will be accidents and a need for public safety departments to enforce traffic laws and provide life-saving emergency assistance.

The police are a vital part of the public safety system where every life matters, including those who disagree with the police.

George I. Anderson, Vineland

Times’ letters feed evidence-free accusations

Regarding the recent letter, “Distrust lockdowns and mail-in votes,” from Lee Lucas:

The writer states that things are China’s fault, or that of Democrat. fault. He writes that the first COVID-19 stimulus package wasn’t necessary. This sounds just like the orange president who the writer supports.

This is the kind of journalism that the South Jersey Times and post online?

My job doesn’t exist anymore, part of the 45% of jobs that New Jersey lost during the pandemic which have not returned, and probably never will.

New Jersey shouldn’t certify the Nov. 3 election results? Really?

Lucas’ letter just feeds into the evidence-free accusations made by the presidential loser who can just go blow his nose in a pile of money if he chooses.

I have to choose between which meal I should skip today so that my kids can eat. But the economy is booming back because of Donald Trump, right? That’s happened because of willpower of the American people.

I have to survive every day now. I have seen the economic climate of South Jersey take a turn for the worse. If the government tells a business that it must close, either compensate the owners or make the costs of running that business equal zero.

Instead, the government gave billions of dollars to to rich corporations that could have bailed themselves out. It’s been a nightmare, and the Republicans would rather point fingers than do real work and help people.

Gregory Karl, Point Pleasant

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