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GEC Commentaries are sharply focused analyses of current issues in the global economy and their implications for corporate decision makers.

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Repealing the Extra-Territorial Income Act
Facing escalating trade sanctions by the European Union, Congressional legislators are scrambling to write a WTO-compliant international tax law, an exercise that demonstrates the contamination of U.S. foreign economic policy by pork barrel politics and illuminates the challenges of establishing a level playing field for American and European exporters.


Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy
Shifts in the global competitive environment and technological landscape are broadening the international growth opportunities available to SMEs.

Insourcing: Palliative for the U.S. Manufacturing Sector?
The latest buzzword in Washington is "insourcing" (otherwise known as incoming foreign direct investment), whose impact on American global competitiveness is substantial but whose contribution to U.S. manufacturing employment in coming years is dubious.


The Debate Over IT Outsourcing
Political discourse over the migration of high-technology jobs to India and China obscures the economics realities of IT outsourcing.


The Domestic Politics of Foreign Outsourcing
Congressional measures restricting outsourcing demonstrate how politically contentious this issue has become as the American electoral season approaches.


Macroeconomic Troubles in the European Union
Disputes over the European Union's Stability and Growth Pace illustrate the dilemmas of macroeconomic policy coordination in the Euro zone.


America’s Twin Deficits: How Great the Danger?
The expansion of the U.S. current account and budget deficit has provoked fears about global financial stability and the future of the American economy.


Internationalizing Corporate Governance Rules
Scandals in the U.S. and European Union have prompted the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to issue voluntary guidelines for corporate governance in the advanced industrialized countries.

Diminishing Prospects for Euro Integration in Eastern Europe
Waning interest in Eastern Europe in early adoption of the Euro raises doubts about the eastward expansion of the common currency zone in coming years.

Georgia’s “Revolution of Roses”
The election of a young, pro-Western reformer as Georgia’s new president has important ramifications for American foreign policy and Western commercial interests in the Caucasus.