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GEC Strategic Briefs are in-depth studies of corporate practices, global trends, and regional developments aimed at illuminating the strategic challenges facing international companies.

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Eastward Enlargement of the European Union
In May 2004, the European Union will admit ten new members to the community—the largest and most complex expansion since the launching of the European project in the 1950s. Multinational corporations surveying the enlarged EU will confront a huge, diverse regional market offering substantial growth opportunities along with major strategic challenges. This GEC Strategic Brief analyzes the consequences of eastward enlargement for regional development in the EU and Europe’s competitive position in the global economy.

China’s Rise as a Global Manufacturing Power
Foreign direct investment is playing a pivotal role in China’s rise as a global manufacturing power. Manufacturing-related FDI in China continues to expand despite uncertainties resulting from the SARS epidemic, widespread intellectual piracy, and a heavy burden of bad bank debt. This article explores the contribution of Western multinational corporations in China’s emergence as a manufacturing colossus.

Foreign Investment in China
China’s huge size and high growth rate have made it the favored site for foreign direct investment among emerging economies. Once limited to labor-intensive industries, FDI in China is migrating toward microelectronics, biosciences, and other high-technology spheres. This article examines the rise of technology-intensive FDI in China and the risks such investments create for foreign investors.