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Ride along in style with bikes for the whole family Riding a bicycle is something you might have learned to do as a kid, and it’s an activity that you can continue to enjoy well into your adult years. Riding a bicycle is an activity that’s fun and healthy, and […]

Ride along in style with bikes for the whole family

Riding a bicycle is something you might have learned to do as a kid, and it’s an activity that you can continue to enjoy well into your adult years. Riding a bicycle is an activity that’s fun and healthy, and it offers friends and family a special way to bond while enjoying the outdoors. For all things related to bicycles from the bikes themselves to accessories to clothing to wear while riding we have everything that you need at our Every Day Low Prices. Here’s how to find the right bike and accessories for your needs.

Adult and kids’ bikes

When choosing a bicycle for an adult or child, whether for yourself or someone you know, there are many things to consider. The first consideration is what type of bike to get; there are many different styles. Some basic types available include road bikes, cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, comfort and hybrid bikes and even tricycles. Bikes are measured by wheel size and range between 12 and 32 inches, with children’s bikes being on the low end of the scale and adults on the higher end. Here is a brief look at each type of bike:

  • Road bikes Road bikes, sometimes known as road racing, endurance or time-trial bikes, are racing bikes that are commonly seen in international road races. They’re best suited for riding on sidewalks, streets and smooth paths
  • Cruiser bikes Cruiser bikes have large tires and comfortable seats and allow riders to ride in comfort; many have no gears or one gear
  • Mountain bikes These bikes have rigid frames and forks, more durable wheels and knobby tires ideal for riding up and down hilly or uneven terrain with rocks or roots
  • Comfort and hybrid bikes These bikes feature padded seats and upright handlebars and are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes
  • BMX bikes These bikes have large tires and sturdy frames to make it easier for riders to perform stunts
  • Electric bikes This kind of bike has an electric motor that helps that assists the rider when pedaling; most come with a rechargeable battery
  • Fixed gear bikes These are the kind of bikes that you commonly see racing on tracks. These typically have one gear, but the pedals must keep moving for the bike to roll
  • folding bikes These are smaller bikes that fold up, making them easier to bring along for traveling. They take up minimal storage space
  • Tandem bikes Ideal for couple or friends who want to ride together, these bikes feature longer frames and two seats to support two riders
  • Recumbent bikes These bikes come with two or three wheels and have long handlebars and seats with high backs. They allow riders to sit back and recline, and many have small front wheels
  • Tricycles There are tricycles for kids and adults; these have three wheels with a large seat. Adult versions often have a storage basket that fits behind the rider

Bike accessories

The category of bike accessories is a wide one. Some of the most important are locks, baskets, bells, pumps, trailers and carrier racks. Locks are necessary to protect your bike when you leave it in public; use a chain and lock with a key to attach your bike to a bike rack. Baskets usually attach to the front of a bike and allow riders to carry necessary items with them as they travel. Bells attach to one of the handles and alert pedestrians and others of the bicyclist’s approach. A bicycle pump is necessary to maintain the pressure in your bike’s tires; these are usually either hand pumps or electric pumps. Trailers allow riders to take a child or pet along with them as they ride. Carrier racks attach to your vehicle and allow you to take your bicycle with you on a road trip. Other items that qualify as accessories are replacement parts like saddles, handlebars, tires, wheels and gears.

Bike helmets, protective gear and clothing

Falls from a bicycle can be painful. To prevent potentially serious injuries, it’s an excellent idea to wear a helmet and other protective gear. There are helmets for men, women and children, and they come in all kinds of colors and designs. Helmet sizes range from 0 to 12 months of age to children’s designs to larger models meant for riders 12 years of age and up. Other protective gear includes knee pads and gloves, and these are also sized by age.

Bicycle clothing options include jerseys, shorts, safety vests, underwear, leg warmers and socks. These are also available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. Jerseys are breathable, and many wick away moisture. Cycling underwear and shorts often have additional padding to help with long rides. Leg warmers keep riders’ legs from being exposed to cooler weather, while socks keep riders’ feet cool and dry.

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