Bike Riding in New Jersey

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© / ImgorthandNikon D810 Do your kids love to ride their bikes, but you are tired of circling around your neighborhood park all the time? Grab your own bike, take the kids and visit some of these beautiful paths that have cool views while you get some exercise. Boulevard Trolley Line Path Morris CountyLength: […]

© / ImgorthandNikon D810

Do your kids love to ride their bikes, but you are tired of circling around your neighborhood park all the time? Grab your own bike, take the kids and visit some of these beautiful paths that have cool views while you get some exercise.

Boulevard Trolley Line Path

Morris County
Length: 2.1 miles

Perfect ride if your kids are into trains, trolleys and you love a little bit of NJ history. It follows the route of a former trolley line that was controlled by the Morris County Traction Company, which began its service in July of 1904. This path is also made of asphalt and concrete, and is free of cars and traffic, which makes it perfect for beginning riders. It is a great trail on a sunny day, since the big trees and mountain laurel keep the path extra shady.

Patriots’ Path

Morris County
Length: 35 miles

Looking for a diverse trip? Patriots’ Path has hiking, equestrian, and biking trails. The path ties together parks, recreational facilities, historic sites, and cool points of interest such as The Ford Mansion, and Pocahontas Lake. While biking the entire trail would be too much for your younger ones, doing a bit at a time is great. Make sure to take time out for a picnic, geocaching, or a visit to the recreational center. The surfaces varies between asphalt, ballast, crushed stone, dirt, grass, and gravel, so riding is suitable for all levels.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

Mercer County
Length: 6.33 miles

This great bike path has a 6 mile route, but the full D&R Canal Path can take you over 70 miles. If you choose to stick with the park, you can go fishing, boating, canoeing ($13/person), or kayaking ($10/person) in the canal. The historic towpath runs along the main canal from Bakers Basin Road (Trenton) to New Brunswick, and has a natural dirt and grass surface. It was built in 1830 and was used as a way for barges to haul coal from the mining areas of Pennsylvania to New York City. The path is also free of traffic. If you don’t own bikes, Jay’s Cycles is located nearby, which offers bike rentals daily.

Call Princeton for more kayaking and canoeing info: 609-452-2403; Call Jay’s Cycles for Bike Rentals: 609-924-7233

Cooper River Park

Camden County
Length: 5.15 miles

This path covers both the north and south shores of Cooper River Lake, and is nestled in the 346-acre Cooper River Park. There are two different paved loops: one 3.8 miles long, and another 1.8 miles long, so you can pick which challenge is better for your group. The park also has areas to picnic along the trail, so bring some food and snacks for a break from riding.

Cape May Shoreline Ride

Cape May County
Length: Up to you!

We’re not suggesting taking the whole family on the entire 46.4-mile long loop, but consider tackling part of it if you’re visiting NJ’s southern-most point. The ride starts at the Cape May Lighthouse and passes some of the area’s iconic Victorian homes. See a map of the route at

Wildwood Crest Bike Path

Cape May County
Length: 1 mile

Enjoy a short mile long ride by the dunes with the kids while you are on vacation this summer. This path is one mile long, winds along the beach, then connects to Wildwood boardwalk, for an additional two miles. If you keep following the path, you’ll end up at 2nd Street, you can opt to add another mile to your ride if your family is still up for it. After the original first mile though, you can only ride on the boardwalk before 11 am, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your ride. The path is also a little bit bumpy, as it’s not always paved asphalt.

Trolley Line Trail

Mercer County
Length: 2.5 miles

The Trolley Line Trail is a great path for kids who love adventure. While it is on the shorter side, this paved trail used to be the right of way for the Former Fast Line electric trolley. It is safe and out of traffic, and has a ton of scenic views that are great for photo ops. Some of these include the bridge over the Big Bear Brook, and wetlands on the side of the path. Kids can also find markers every half-mile to keep track of how far they’ve gone. The trail also passes through West Windsor Park, which includes tennis courts, a baseball field, swimming pools, and a skateboard park.

West Essex Trail

Essex County
Length: 2.84 miles

Are your kids into haunted houses? Then this trail is perfect for you! Away from traffic and paved, this trail is the former rail bed of the Caldwell Branch on the old Erie-Lackawanna Railroad. It crosses over the Peckham River through a 20-foot trestle, and finally passes an abandoned, shuttered, psychiatric hospital. Essex County Hospital housed patients in the late 19th to early 20th century. It was featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, and is now a conservation easement. Might make a perfect “spooky” early fall ride.

Middlesex Greenway

Middlesex County
Length: 3.5 miles

Only officially opened in September 2012, this trail is relatively new. It is paved and follows the former Lehigh Valley Railroad freight line. It is peaceful amidst the traffic outside of it, and is also part of the East Coast Greenway, a developing trail system that will eventually connect over 2,900 miles from Maine to Florida.

Duke Farms

Somerset County
Length: 18 miles

Duke Farms offers 18 miles of different surface bike trails through their natural preserves. There are also so many fun activities to do, like educational programs in which your family can learn about orchids, bird watching and even a café to hit up if you plan to spend the day and don’t want to pack a picnic. Don’t own your own bike? Bikeshare Services at Duke Farms has got you covered. For $5, you can rent a bike and helmet for two hours. Unfortunately, riders must be above 60 inches, so the kids will probably have to bring their own bikes. You will also need photo I.D., and a credit card to rent.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Hardwick Township
Length: 40 miles

With 70,000 acres and a beach on the Delaware river as your view on this 40 mile path, you will certainly want plenty of time to explore and bike the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The park winds through the Appalachian mountains, and includes waterfalls and plenty of outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, camping, swimming, and biking. And if 40 miles isn’t enough, there are over 100 miles of other trails to entertain the family as well. Got little kids? Pick a small section to explore each visit.

Gateway National Recreation Area

Monmouth County
Length: 5 miles

Sandy Hook has always been a popular beach spot, and even now it attracts over 2 million visitors each year. The Multi-Use Pathway (which is paved and away from motor vehicles), starts at the park entrance and ending in Fort Hancock, (A National Historic Landmark) is a great way to view its famous beaches. After the ride, you can also cool off boating, or hike to the top of the lighthouse for even more spectacular views.

Washington Crossing State Park

Mercer County
Length: 15 miles

This road is packed with history. This is the spot where George Washington and his troops  the river at night in the dead of night on December 25,1756. They landed at Johnson’s Ferry, or present day Washington Crossing State Park. This site is now home to a bunch of wildlife and wildflowers, and is perfect for biking, hiking and camping. Be sure to also check out the Washington Crossing Open Air Theatre, which May through April will have live theater performances for both both adults and children.

Saddle River County Park Bike Path

Bergen County
Length: 7.6 miles

Stretching from the Wild Duck Pond Area in Ridgewood to Railroad Ave. in Rochelle Park, this path is perfect for biking, walking, running and inline skating. Following the Saddle River, you might catch a glimpse of geese, ducks, squirrels and deer as you weave through wooded, residential and commercial areas. You’ll never have to cross traffic, and you’ll pass a dam, the historical Easton Tower, ball fields, ponds and more. There’s also plenty of restrooms, fountains, playgrounds, a water park and picnic spaces along the way.

Loantaka Brook Reservation

Morris County
Length: 8.0 mi

Bike your way around this nature path that’s sure to deliver wildflowers and unique birds.

Briant Park

Union County
Length: 1.0 mi

This low traffic trail is perfect for the kids to sharpen their bike riding skills.

Kittatinny Valley State Park 

Sussex County
Length: 8.0 mi

If you’re an experienced mountain biker, this is the trail for you. The terrain varies, so it’s challenging for new and experienced bikers.

Allamuchy Mountain State Park

Warren County
Length: Over 20.0 mi.

There are a few different trails bikers can choose from, all have scenic views of mountains.

Dickerson Mine Preserve

Morris County
Length: 12.0 mi

There are 12 miles of marked and unmarked trails used for biking and hiking, each with a different level of difficulty. Be sure to download the Trailfolks app before you go to stay up to date on trail conditions.

Lewis Morris County Park

Morris County
Length: 12.0 mi

This park is one of the biggest in the county and offers picnic areas, camping grounds, dog parks and even a lake for swimming.

Tourne County Park

Morris County
Length: 7.7 mi

On any summer day, you’ll find people jogging, biking, walking their dogs or taking a morning stroll. One of the park’s highlights is its huge variety of wildflowers and 250 native species of plants.

Barnegat Branch Trail

Ocean County
Length: 11.7 mi

Trail surfaces range from asphalt to dirt and are great for all skill levels of biking. Even better? There’s even a picture perfect view of the lake surrounded by trails.

Bedminster Hike and Bikeway

Somerset County
Length: 2.6 mi

This paved bike path is home to more than 40 different species of plants and trees, which are marked so you and the kids can keep track of the plants you spot.

Edgar Felix Memorial Bikeway

Monmouth County
Length: 3.4 mi

This coastal town’s trail is ideal for sunny mornings with on-street routes and paved trails.

Freedom Trail Bikeway

Middlesex County
Length: 2.6 mi

This route has picturesque views of the lake and is ashplant, which makes for an easy ride for new bikers.

Henry Hudson Trail

Monmouth County
Length: 22.5 mi

This long trail passes through wetlands, streams and fields.

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Hudson County
Length: 1.5 mi

This walkway, which also allows for bikes and runners, offers gorgeous views of Manhattan.

Sussex Branch Trail 

Sussex County
Length: 9.0 mi

This multi-purpose trail is marked so you always know how far you are no matter how far you travel into Mother Nature.

Paulinskill Valley Trail

Sussex County
Length: 27.1 mi

If your family’s up for a long ride, then Sussex’s County’s rural landscape views and narrow paths are for you.

The Columbia Trial

Hunterdon County
Length: 15.0 mi

There are a few different routes with a multitude of challenge levels, so make sure you check to see which path is good for you and the kids.

The Union Transportation Trail

Monmouth County
Length: 9.3 mi

Don’t forget sunscreen or a hat if you come to this trail, because the trees are trimmed back, making it great for natural light (but not much shade).

Elephant Swamp Trail

Gloucuster/Salem Counties
Length: 5 mi

Legend has it this trail got its name when a circus elephant wandered over the swamp, and they say if you listen closely you can hear the wandering elephant still today.

Monroe Township Bike Path

Gloucester County
Length: 6.3 mi

The path is a peaceful trail that connects southern NJ suburban towns, and is a great opportunity to get your lil’ explorers in the great outdoors.

Sandy Hook Multi-Use Pathways

Monmouth County
Length: 8.7 mi

Who wouldn’t love to bike by the beach on a warm, sunny day? Catch a glimpse of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, too.

Ocean City Boardwalk

Cape May County
Length: 7.0 mi

Ocean City offers a family-friendly north-south bike route that’s both leisurely and safe.

Colonial Park

Somerset County
Length: 1.4 mi

The path is a smooth, paved area that makes is easy for your fledgling riders to get the hang of bike riding.

Pine Barren River Ramble

Atlantic County
Length: 42.6 mi

Forty two miles might seem intimidating, but the trail is easy for old and new riders. There are also stunning views, so before you know it you’ll be back to where you started.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet when you ride. Make certain it meets Snell, ANSI, or AST standards and that it fits snugly. Riders age 17 and under must wear a helmet in NJ.
  • Wear bright, light-colored clothing or a safety vest so you are visible.
  • Always ride single file with at least three bicycle lengths between you and the cyclist in front.
  • Use a clip or rubber band to keep long pants from getting tangled in the bike chain.
  • Carry your bicycle across railroad tracks.
  • Use lights and reflectors when riding at night.
  • Test brakes before a descent.
  • Always ride with traffic and obey signals. Keep your eyes on the road and have fun! — Arline Zatz

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