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Automotive Engineering Books Free Download

Book Title : Automotive Engineering: Lightweight, Functional, and Novel Material Author(s)  : Brian Cantor, Patrick Grant, Colin Johnson Publisher   : Taylor and Francis Published  : 2008 Pages       : 294 PDF Size  : 8.6 Mb Book Description: The current automotive industry faces numerous challenges, including increased global competition, more stringent environmental and safety requirements, the need for… Read More »

Book Title : Automobile and Mechanical Electrical Systems Author(s)  : Tom Denton Publisher   : Butterworth-Heinemann Edition    : First Edition publised on 2011 Pages       : 527 PDF Size   : 164 Mb Book Description: Automobile and Mechanical Electrical Systems | Automotive Technology: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair by Tom Denton book will help engineers to learn all the skills you need… Read More »

Book Title : Engine Testing Theory and Practice Author(s)  : A.J. Martyr, M.A. Plint Publisher   : Elsevier Edition      : Third Pages        : 459 PDF Size    : 3.1 Mb Book Description: Engine Testing Theory and Practice book by A.J. Martyr, M.A. Plint brings the large and scattered body of information on the theory and practice of engine… Read More »

Book Title : Automotive Suspension and Steering Classroom Manual Author(s)  : Don Knowles Publisher   : Cengage learning Edition    : Published on 2010 Pages       : 1034 PDF Size    : 44 Mb   Book Description: The 5th Edition of Today’s technician: Automotive Suspension and Steering Classroom Manual by Don Knowles helps readers coverage of the latest mandatory tire pressure… Read More »

Book Title : AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSIONS – Fundamentals, Selections, Design and Applications Author(s) : Harald Naunheimer, Bernd Bertsche, Joachim Ryborz, Wolfgang Novak Publisher   : Springer Edition    : Second Pages       : 742 PDf Size   : 68.5 MB Book Description: This eBook gives a full account of the development process for automotive transmissions. Main topics covered in this… Read More »

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