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PPG Industries knows automotive color.

For more than 80 years, PPG has been on the forefront of automotive coatings innovation. PPG combines its extensive knowledge of coatings and special effects technologies with analysis of industry trends to aid automakers around the world in enhancing the image and identity of their vehicle brands.

Automotive OEM Coatings

PPG has produced several innovative technologies that have streamlined the traditional automotive paint process. Called the Compact Paint Systems or Compact Paint Processes, they generate substantial savings in capital and operating costs.

These technologies will enable you to reduce your manufacturing footprint and capital investment, which would in turn lower your energy consumption and increase your efficiency. Allowing you to produce beautiful, showroom-appealing cars at a lower total cost.

Learn more about PPG’s coating capabilities – visit PPG Automotive OEM Coatings web site.


What’s the world’s most popular car color? What colors trends globally? And, which colors will we in the future?

According to PPG’s annual automotive color trend data, white continues to be the most popular car color globally based on 2013 automotive build data. But there’s so much to learn…check out PPG’s Automotive 2014 Global Color Trend report for all the answers.

PPG Interview with Merk on Latest Trends in Pigments

Reiner Muller-Kober, manager of Color Styling Europe for PPG, has the task of reinterpreting well-known color schemes for the automotive sector. To do so, he researches color trends and examines which pigments are suitable for use on cars.


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