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Hello, After 55 years of running this literature business, I decided to sell the business and/or the literature. The web site is included. Age and health problems have dictated that it is time for me to move on and let someone with the love of old car literature to have […]



After 55 years of running this literature business, I decided to sell the business and/or the literature. The web site is included. Age and health problems have dictated that it is time for me to move on and let someone with the love of old car literature to have some fun with what I have collected.

The literature remains in my climate controlled shop and is maintained in pristine condition. I have never taken the literature to swapmeets and it has all ways been sold by mail order. Current inventory has a retail price of $1.5 million and consists of over 40,000 items. I have dropped the price from $150,000 to $50,000. The sale information is here: as it was up to a couple of month ago before the reorganization for shipping.

I went through all the literature that was not inventoried (not on the web site) and eliminated everything post 1979 that was common and kept only that which is very collectable (the good sporty, exotic, luxurious and rare). All of the literature on the web site is still available except the more common recent (1980s +) make/model press kits. The objective was to present to the prospective buyer a more manageable collection that was easier to ship and store and yet preserve the value of the collection. It can now all be transported to a buyer in one 18 wheeler and stored in an area of two average size bedrooms or a two car garage. Shipping costs are unknown but at the price that I am offering the literature and website for, this should not be a consideration. Remember, everything on the web site is already photographed and described. If you wish to sell using the web site or if you prefer eBay, most of the work has already been done. At about a dollar per brochure, book, etc., it is far less that I paid for it. The purchasing price is far less than you can buy literature for and such a large collection is a once in a life time opportunity. The great thing about good quality, desirable literature is that it increases in value with time. It is that literature that I have and I am offering for sale. I have techs in India that do all the web site work for a reasonable retainer if that is of interest to you. I will be available to give you advise by phone.

Best wishes,


E-MAIL: [email protected]

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Auto Sales Literature – Truck Car Catalogs & Brochures

Find Your Make

Welcome to the world’s largest reservoir of auto catalogs, car brochures and other automotive literature. Our online catalog of auto sales literature and car catalogs covers over 750 auto manufacturers from all over the world. Our auto literature inventory is handpicked and we stock only rare items. All the literature featured on this website and in our warehouse is factory- / manufacturer-produced. We have never stocked or sold reprinted literature.

Our auto literature selection also includes auto press kits, dealer in-house literature, automotive books, car magazines, owner’s manuals and rare pieces of other automobilia.


here to view our main auto literature index

This section features car and truck brochures

and catalogs for over 750 automotive makes

for most years and models. You will also find

rare pieces of literature on ambulances, buses,

campers, electric vehicles, replicars, fire

trucks, hearses, kit cars, police cars, taxi

cabs, trailers, tractors, horse buggies, even

trains and engines!


This section features rare automotive books

that are now out of print. The auto book lists

have been arranged by make and also by type

of vehicle discussed such as cars, trucks,

ambulances, hearses, kitcars, racing, sport

vehicles, coachbuilders etc. Automobile Quarterly

issues and Owner’s Manuals are also included.


How is dealer literature different from other

auto brochures? Our dealer literature section

offers items that are found in a dealer’s

album or data book which includes real leather

samples, original paint chips, photos of exterior

and interior variations and technical drawings

(that are never seen in car showroom sales

brochures). Some car literature collectors

completely miss out on the value this type

of literature offers. Don’t!




Browse automotive collectibles such as toys,

models, videos, posters, coins, annual reports,

label pins, calendars, drinking glasses, mugs,

decals, color transparencies, company letterheads,

CD-ROMs, cassette tapes, coachbuilder renderings,

factory invoices, stamps, maps, competition

catalogs, comic books, coloring books, bandanas,

stock certificates, badges, golf balls, pencils,

parts & more…




If you are interested in automotive history,

old auto magazines are a great source of information.

The articles published in older magazines

were by writers who had been present at events

and test-drove cars — they had been witness

to history as it was created. They had had

first-hand experience with our antiques and

classics when these were new. This value cannot

be replicated in a current day magazine, by

a writer who was not even born when these

cars were built or raced.

This section contains racing and show programs

that were printed for automotive events such

as car rallies, grand prix, car racing championships,

concours and other motor shows. Only small

numbers of such racing programs remain, and

we currently have them for events covering

Cadillac, Ferrari, Honda, Rolls-Royce, Studebaker,

Toyota and Auburn / Cord / Duesenberg. Other

general interest programs cover several classic

and vintage car rallies & sprint car races.


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