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Key issues affecting automotive companies

Hyper-urbanization: The majority of the world’s population is living in a city, and the trend is expected to accelerate. Overcrowding, the realities of traffic, and new capabilities enabled by technology are all leading to more collaborative approaches to transport.

Generational views: Individuals today have a number of transportation options, and increasingly their transportation decisions are differing. These differing views and expectations of mobility, along with disruptions of traditional ownership models, will likely change how OEMs engage their customers.

Connected technology: Innovations in V2X connectivity, mobile phones, apps, and smart card technology are disrupting the automotive industry.

Convergence of the private and public sectors: The mass adoption and use of new transportation systems is going to require increased public-private collaborations. The sheer complexity of transportation systems that work for everyone argues that many players will have to be involved.

Sustainability and environmental concerns are fueling the development of disruptive innovations within the vehicle—particularly advancements in alternative powertrains.

Digital exhaust: Automobiles and infrastructure will generate a large amount of digital exhaust that will create both opportunities and challenges for consumers, manufacturers, government, and businesses. Every action taken can be measured and quantified in the connected vehicle of the future.

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