60 Benefits of Bike Commuting & Recreational Bicycling

Dovie Salais

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There are many, many good reasons for bicycle commuting, recreational
bicycling and creating a strong bike culture in general.  Hopefully a
couple with resonate with everyone and motivate more bicycling.

  1. On-going use of a bicycle has virtually NO carbon footprint.
  2. You will be a leader in your community.
  3. Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access to motor transport.
  4. Bikes increase mobility for those who don’t qualify to drive a car.
  5. Bicycles increase mobility for those who can’t afford motor transport.
  6. Bikes increase mobility for those who don’t want to drive motor vehicles.
  7. Bicycles increase mobility for some people with arthritis, back problems
    and other mobility issues.
  8. Bicycling can be faster than walking, transit or motor vehicles.
  9. Bicycling is the most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented.
  10. You get healthy exercise from bicycling.
  11. Save travel money by biking. If the switch is from a car this includes
    purchase price, gas, tires, fluids, insurance, maintenance, washing, parking,
  12. Reduce stress by bicycling.
  13. Biking is therapeutic for the mind and spirit — is fun and can make you
  14. Cycling is therapeutic for the cardio-vascular system, live healthier.
  15. Regular cycling provides better muscle tone, bone mass improvement, clearer skin
  16. Regular bicycling helps with personal weight management — new full-time bicycle commuters can expect to lose
    an average 13 pounds their first year of
    bicycle commuting if they maintain the same eating habits.
  17. Bicycling is a great initial activity for people who are obese and help
    them on their way to a healthier life.
  18. Regular cycling can lead to lower health care expenses — save money for a
    nicer vacation.
  19. Allows the rider to appreciate the more of the nuances of the natural and
    built environment around them.
  20. Your commute will be the best part of your day instead of the worst part
    of your day.
  21. The exercise increase your productivity at work
  22. Cycling improves your self-esteem.
  23. Primary school students will thing you are “cool” or “hip” or “neat” or “rad”
    or whatever the current term is.  In time even older people might come to
    appreciate your leadership.
  24. Save on the membership to a health club, get your exercise bicycling to work,
    school, shopping, etc.
  25. Bicycling is nearly a life-long activity.
  26. Bicycling is a great full family and friends activity.
  27. Cycling is low impact on the body.
  28. Cycling is low impact on the environment
  29. Bicycling in your neighborhood is a great way to meet your neighbors and
    build community.
  30. Camaraderie of cyclists makes it a great way to meet a nice stranger with
    a similar
  31. Bicyclist can ignore the highway traffic jam reports.
  32. Feel the satisfaction (liberation, freedom) of biking past a traffic jam in
    the bike lane.
  33. Predictable commute time.
  34. Easier parking.
  35. Cheaper parking.
  36. Leaving your car at home provide a parking space for someone less fortunate.
  37. If you are lazy, your bicycle provides door-to-door transport (you don’t have
    to walk
    across a vast parking lot).
  38. Reduces the demand for new roads and paving the earth with asphalt and
  39. Reduces the demand for parking lots and paving the earth.
  40. Reduces energy consumption (see below).
  41. Reduces air pollution — bicyclist emit few poisonous gases. A four mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the
    air we breathe.
  42. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  43. Reduces water pollution — bikes don’t drip brake fluid, anti-freeze, transmission
    toxic dust, etc.
  44. Reduces noise pollution — even without a muffler bikes are quiet,
    creating a quieter community.
  45. Reduces road wear — even if cyclist feel like they have the weight of the
    world on
    their shoulders.
  46. Reduces deforestation for planting of rubber plantations and bio-fuel
    crops, because bicycles
    use very little rubber and fuel/lubricants.
  47. Reduces crime — a huge amount of crime is associated with access to motor
  48. Reduces road kill and saves animals.
  49. Demonstrates a concern for the future — walk (ride) your talk.
  50. Prevent and protest the sanctioned murder of
    innocent responsible citizens (homicide by motor-vehicle).
  51. Bikes small profile reduces congestion.
  52. Easy to vary your route by bicycle.
  53. Increased bike use generates bike facilities which increase property values.
  54. Bicycling gives you more fresh air than a sauna and you can still sweat and
    clean your
  55. Bike Commuting is a license
    to dress weird and still feel smug.
  56. Urban cycling keeps you humble.
  57. Bicycling can be enjoyed in a wide variety of topography.
  58. Cycling can be enjoyed in a wide variety of climates
  59. Bicycles are a great means to see the world.
  60. Bicycling is cool.
  61. Biking Is Fun.

If you aren’t convinced yet here is another take
101 Benefits
of Cycling that will Make You Love it More.

IBF’s Bicycle Bibliography / Reading List




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