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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Engine Oil


Do you have issues with the type of engine oil suitable for your car? Are you tired of trying out various engine oils in the market and still coming up with bad options?

Then it’s time to take a break! Try to discover the type of engine oil that is suitable for your car. While there is a lot of information on the internet concerning various engine oil types and brands, you need to be careful of which information to trust.

One effective way of choosing the right engine oil is by reading reviews. Collected.Reviews has auto customers’ reviews, and reading them is one sure way to choose the right engine oil for your car.

Furthermore, below are 5 tips that you can always trust to guide you in choosing the right engine oil:

Know the make and model of your car

The very first tip to choosing the right engine oil is knowing the make and model of your car. If your car is brand new, try and know the make of your car or the manufacturers to make it easier for you. Even if you are using a fairly used car, try to find the manufacturers or if there is a manual, try to find it and you will surely find information that will aid you in choosing the right engine oil.

Choose between synthetic or conventional oil

Before you decide to choose between synthetic or conventional oil, try to first determine the weather in which you are driving. This means you have to put your environment into consideration. Once you can detect the climate in which you are driving or your road condition, you can decide if the synthetic or conventional oil is better for you. Also note that one is more expensive than the other, hence, your budget should also be put into consideration.

Know the viscosity grade

If you take a closer look at different engine oil products, you will notice some numbers on the body that are quite confusing, those numbers and letters are called the viscosity grade. This simply means the measurement in which the oil can resist flowing.  This is a very important tip because those numbers and letters indicate something very important. For instance, in a situation where ‘W’ ends the first number, that ‘W’ is considered winter. This means during the cold, your oil flows with ease and protects your engine.  If you check the cap of your oil or look into your owner’s manual, then you can find your car’s viscosity grade.

Identify the different oil standards

If you want to choose the right engine oil for your car, then you need to know the standard of the oil. This is usually indicated by abbreviations or acronyms like ACEA, API, etc., those acronyms stand for certified companies that set requirements for effective oil. Hence, if you can’t find any of these acronyms, then you should note that such oil isn’t best for you as they might be of low quality.

Put your driving habit into consideration

What kind of car do you drive and how do you use your car? Is your vehicle meant for towing? Do you drive long distances? If you can answer these questions, then you can choose the right engine oil for your car. You can decide to go for oil with special additives and properties that can withstand any form of torture you give to your car.

Engine oil is very important for your car’s functionality, and without it, your car engine might stop working.  You certainly don’t want that. So, if you want your car engine to last long, consider these tips listed above when choosing engine oil for your car.