Definition of Vehicles, Vehicle Types, and Routes

Filename extension .rou.xml
Type of content Vehicles, Vehicle Types, and Routes
Open format? Yes
SUMO specific? Yes
XML Schema routes_file.xsd

There are various applications
that can be used to define vehicular demand for SUMO. Of course it is
also possible to define the demand file manually or to edit generated
files with a text editor. Before starting, it is important to know that
a vehicle in SUMO consists of three parts:

  • a vehicle type which describes the vehicle’s physical properties,
  • a route the vehicle shall take,
  • and the vehicle itself.

Both routes and vehicle types can be shared by several vehicles. It is
not mandatory to define a vehicle type. If not given, a default type is
used. The driver of a vehicle does not have to be modelled explicitly.
For the simulation of persons which walk around or ride in vehicles, additional