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Transportation | Tysons

The roadway has become increasingly strained as Tysons Corner and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area have grown.
If Tysons is to remain successful and accommodate future growth, it must transform its existing auto-oriented transportation network and development pattern into a more sustainable, transit-oriented, walkable, urban environment. The opening of Metrorail’s Silver Line, with four stations in Tysons, as well as the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan for the Tysons Corner Urban Center in 2010, provide tremendous opportunity for this transformation to take place.

The Comprehensive Plan for the Tysons Corner Urban Center envisions a 24-hour urban center for Tysons that will be home to 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs by 2050. If this vision is to be realized, the transportation network in the future must give people choices for making trips while still accommodating automobiles. Creating a livable, walkable Tysons will require that the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and transit

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