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Automotive Training Board of NSW

Welcome to the Automotive Training Board

The Automotive Training Board of NSW (ATB NSW) is an Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) across the industry areas of automotive, transport, logistics, aviation, rail, maritime and stevedoring.

Industry Training Advisory Bodies (ITABs) are autonomous, industry-based organisations that work with employers, unions and government to ensure a viable workforce through workforce planning, workforce development and skilling opportunities.

In NSW, ITABs underpin the industry training advisory process, strengthening and stabilising the relationship between industry and government by providing advice to inform strategic policy direction, program development and research.

NSW ITABs have a contractual relationship with the NSW Department of Education and Communities to provide an independent voice on skill needs, training and workforce development issues for each of the industries they represent. ITABs work to maximise the benefits to industry through the vocational education and training (VET) system and promote industry participation in structured training.
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Auto Mechanic Training School | Automotive Training Centre


When you choose the Automotive Training Centre for career-specific education, you’re joining the ranks of thousands of other Canadian success stories. For more than 2 decades individuals just like you have started their professional careers equipped with the confidence, skills and hands-on knowledge provided by our high quality experienced caring staff. The Automotive Training Centre has been helping adults transform their lives through professional technical training for more than 25 years offering a wide variety of professional automotive programs.

Alexandre Grégoire-Maltais

1. Why did you choose The Automotive Training Centre?

It’s faster than the DEP. I started in April, registered 1 month before, and there were no delays before starting the program.

2. How is the staff at The Automotive Training Centre?

The instructors teach well, answer all questions and give really clear

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Automotive Training Solutions – Delmar Cengage Learning

Review one of the largest lists of new and revised texts, supplements and
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Whether you are a backyard mechanic looking for service manuals, a
professional mechanic preparing for certification or an instructor looking
to enhance your curriculum, you won’t find a better set of solutions.

To get started, explore our Automotive Training Specializations below or to the
left to find textbooks, service manuals, software and online companions or
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with any questions or comments.

Automotive Specializations

ASE Test Preparation Products

Whether you require ASE Test Preparation material in print or online, Delmar, a
part of Cengage Learning has the solution you need to prepare for the ASE Exams.
We offer ASE study materials covering a wide variety of exams: A1-A8, L1, P2,

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Automotive Schools – Auto Mechanic Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automotive technician / mechanic?

Automotive SchoolsThis is someone who works to repair and maintain vehicles, from small cars to large transports. They are trained to work on a variety of automotive systems and parts, and utilize many different tools.

Do I need a post-secondary education to become an auto mechanic?

In most cases, employers will require that you complete an apprenticeship or take a post-secondary program. Many vocational schools offer auto mechanic programs, and some may even include an apprenticeship or externship as part of the curriculum.

What will I learn at an automotive mechanic school?

Automotive student working in garageAutomotive schools will usually start off by providing you with a solid theoretical knowledge of automotive mechanics. You

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