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Today’s car is rapidly mutating from a mechanical device to mini-datacenters on wheels, driven by rapid advances in electronics.

After 130 years, computing power replaces horsepower

In this article, Tektronix’ Sudipto Bose and Joern Hoepfner outline the trends driving automotive revolution.

In its 130-year history, the automotive industry has never experienced a revolution such as is currently unfolding. Driven by electrification, automation, connectivity and mobility, manufacturers are having to re-evaluate hitherto unquestioned practices and technologies: Indeed, the very foundation of the car is mutating from a mechanical device to a mini-datacenter on wheels, driven by the rapid advances in electronics.

However, motor cars have relied on electronic control systems a lot longer than most people realize: The first Electronic Fuel Injection system to go into series production was the Chrysler Electrojector fitted to a total of 35 vehicles in 1958. Interestingly, most of these early pioneers were field-retrofitted with 4-barrel

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