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Sloan Automotive Laboratory

There are more than one billion automobiles in the world and counting. In a world constrained by climate change and greenhouse gases, the Sloan Automotive Lab is working to radically improve the energy consumption and environmental impact of transportation systems.

The mission of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory is to contribute to future developments in automotive technology through fundamental and applied research on propulsion technology and fuels.

We invite you to explore our current research and available positions.

What We Do

LNF twin scroll turbo

Cutaway of modern twin-scroll turbocharger.

The goals of the Laboratory are to provide the fundamental knowledge base for automotive engineering and to educate students to become technological leaders in the automotive industry.

These goals are achieved through extensive research activities in the areas of internal combustion engines and fuels, fundamental fluid/thermal/combustion studies, and assessment of advanced propulsion and vehicle technologies, and especially their energy consumption and environmental impacts.

Cylinder pressure

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