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The Automotive Industry Gears Up To Navigate The New Normal

Beyond the immediate question of ‘how long’ is the more existential question of ‘what next’? As I see it, the main questions for the mobility industry to address as it begins its comeback from the COVID-19 crisis are, firstly, will there be opportunities for future growth and, if so, where will they be? Secondly, what will be the ‘new normal’ and how will this play into new strategic roadmaps? Thirdly, how can stakeholders navigate through a recessionary period that could last from anywhere between two to four quarters depending on the duration and severity of the pandemic?  

Setting the Scene: From How Long To What Next?

Frost & Sullivan’s ongoing analysis of real-time data reveals that two scenarios could ensue:  Severe Pandemic and Global Emergency with outcomes ranging from gradual recovery to recession, respectively.

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