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The Role of Transportation Technology for Shippers to Kill It at E-Commerce

E-commerce is growing faster than ever, and more consumers are leveraging online platforms in making purchasing decisions. In fact, two-thirds of consumer shopping journeys include internet research, reports McKinsey & Company, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations and past experiences.  According to Supply Chain 24/7, e-commerce is on track to become the dominating force in all sales. By 2020, the value of B2B e-commerce will surpass $1 trillion, and manufacturers, distributors, retailers, reverse logistics managers, third-party freight brokers and logistics services providers are working to keep up with the trend.

E-Commerce Is Spurring Record Growth in Logistics

E-commerce has made it impossible to meet the status quo with traditional technologies, and still, some shippers have not yet implemented e-commerce and TMS solutions. Transportation managers are spending upward of 80 percent of working hours just looking for available shipping capacity, reports Talking Logistics, reflecting a portion of companies that have not leveraged

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