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Traffic lights in ’s-Hertogenbosch; an interview

“We want people to believe our traffic signals are really helping them. Nobody likes to wait unnecessarily long at a red light. Signals are an aid and they should only be used when there is no alternative.” Words from Eric Greweldinger, the traffic light expert in the municipality of ʼs-Hertogenbosch. The city that came second in this year’s Dutch “Traffic light region of 2016 Election”, after Helmond, also in the province of Brabant.


Waiting times at traffic lights in ’s-Hertogenbosch are kept as reasonable as possible.

I had been meaning to write a post about traffic signals in the Netherlands for a long time, but I soon found out the topic is rather complicated. There are many regional differences and trying to figure out how signals work by observing a traffic light installation proved next to impossible. Green times as well as red times are constantly changing for all traffic

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