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Pennsylvania car dealers get limited opening for sales during coronavirus restrictions

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People who have been shut out the past month from buying a car will be able to now that Gov. Tom Wolf has lifted some restrictions on dealerships.

“We’ve got permission for online sales, but the showroom still will be locked down. We’re not allowed to have people coming in (the showroom) and kicking the tires,” said Jeff Smail, general manager of the family-owned Smail Automotive Group on Route 30, east of Greensburg. Showroom visits are by appointment only, Smail noted.

Wolf signed an order Monday permitting the electronic notarization of documents needed for closing real estate property sales and for buying a vehicle. Dealerships had been closed for sales since mid-March, when the governor

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Burn the Ships! – Jim Bernardi        
In 1519, the Spanish explorer Cortez sailed his fleet of 11 ships into the harbor of
Vera Cruz, Mexico. It was common practice in those days to leave guards with the
ships, as they might be needed to later return to the Old World for supplies or, if
necessary, to retreat from the enemy…  
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Why Managers don’t Take the Time to Develop Salespeople       
Joe Verde
Yes, I know that working with some of your salespeople is just an absolutely
painful experience. Some resist everything you try to teach them, some seem to
absorb less information than a rock, and some should be chopping trees in a
forest instead of selling cars….
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Timing is Everything!                                                    Nancy Phillips
There will always be both buyers and sellers of auto dealerships.  But
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