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Bicycle Materials Case Study



Bicycle Materials Case Study



Author:                                                Andrew


Project Advisor:                                 Professor
Tom Stoebe


Project Group Members:                  Firdaus

Ryan Oakes

Jeread Sines


Table of Contents:                             Summary

Bicycle Materials Case Study        

Application Requirements

Possible Materials


Material Selection

                                                            Conclusion & Future Prospects




Date Written:                                     June 12, 2003


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senior project is an educational case study on the material science of bicycle
wheels, frame, components and helmets.
The idea of this bicycle material
selection case study is to increase the knowledge of the reader of the case
study, as well as the author. We will involve physical aspects of materials
(structure, properties, etc.), by educational literature survey, discussions,
application analysis, and material selection. This core study will be done in a
general way by completing three informative tables. One table will present
material properties requirements for the selected materials commonly used

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