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Braitenberg Vehicles

Braitenberg Vehicles

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In the book Vehicles:
Experiments in Synthetic Psychology
, Valentino Braitenberg
describes a series of thought experiments in which “vehicles” with
simple internal structure behave in unexpectedly complex ways. He
describes simple control mechanisms that generate behaviors that, if
we did not already know the principles behind the vehicles’ operation,
we might call aggression, love, foresight and even optimism.
Braitenberg gives this as evidence for the “law of uphill analysis
and downhill invention,” meaning that it is much more difficult to
try to guess internal structure just from the observation of behavior
than it is to create the structure that gives the behavior.

I thought that was cool, so I wrote a vehicle simulator in Lisp.
You can have the source as soon as it doesn’t embarrass me.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998
I have a Java version that is nearly complete and is as powerful as

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