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Bicycle History – Evolution of Cycling

Picture Of Old Bicycle

Bicycles and motorcycles are an integral part of our lives. They provide easy and cheap ways of public transportation for many billions of people all around the world. However, ease of transport was not always so widespread. Over past several centuries, many inventors worked hard on the production of various two-wheeled transport devices. This is the place where you will find out how they managed to produce such groundbreaking devices that are today strongly integrated into our society.

During the long history of public transportation, there was no greater moment than the discovery of bicycles. From the millennia’s of horseback riding to the global saturation of bicycle use, this section will try to track the origins of this groundbreaking device.

Origins of the bicycle can be traced to several very gifted scientists. Here you can found out about them, and their efforts to create easy to manufacture and easy to

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The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle

The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle

[Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle]

The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was an electric vehicle designed to operate in the low-gravity vacuum of the Moon and to be capable of traversing the lunar surface, allowing the Apollo astronauts to extend the range of their surface extravehicular activities. Three LRVs were driven on the Moon, one on Apollo 15 by astronauts David Scott and Jim Irwin, one on Apollo 16 by John Young and Charles Duke, and one on Apollo 17 by Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. Each rover was used on three traverses, one per day over the three day course of each mission. On Apollo 15 the LRV was driven a total of 27.8 km in 3 hours, 2 minutes of driving time. The longest single traverse was 12.5 km and the maximum range from the LM was 5.0 km. On Apollo 16 the vehicle traversed 26.7

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Easy and Fun ESL Transportation Lesson and Activities

Teaching English language learners to talk about the different types of transportation common in English-speaking countries is essential for their success in the English language. This ESL lesson plan provides teachers and students of English as a second language with some common transit vocabulary as well as some fun activities to reinforce learning.

English Travel Vocabulary

Begin the ESL lesson by introducing the following English language transportation vocabulary and definitions:

On the Road

  • bicycle – a manual vehicle with two wheels
  • bus – a large motorized vehicle with seats for multiple passengers that usually operates as part of a scheduled paid service
  • bus stop – a place on a bus route where buses to pick up and drop off passengers
  • car – a motorized vehicle that seats five to six passengers
  • highway – a type of street between cities
  • interstate – a type of highway that crosses two or more
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Vehicle Recycling | Vehicle Disposal Recycling Center

Let Us Pick Up Your Vehicle Quickly and Safe – Call (888) 495-5886!

Do you have a vehicle that is simply sitting in your driveway? Perhaps
you have tried selling it, but no one has expressed interest.
Let us pick up your old car today!

We are interested in your vehicle, no matter what make or model it is.
We can get that unwanted vehicle off your hands and even help the environment
while doing so.

Start Now!

It takes 2 minutes.

Individuals who participate in our car recycling program will receive many
benefits. If you wish to recycle your car, you can help the environment and also

receive a
free vacation voucher
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We accept all types of car and
vehicle recycling, including:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • RV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Forklifts
  • Pickups

We also accept certain
mobile homes, snow mobiles, jet skis, and golf carts. For more

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Howell Automotive

Trail FX Tailgate Light – 48 or 60 Inch Light Bar

Your Price: From $81.00 to $84.00

 Trail FX Tailgate Light - 48 or 60 Inch Light Bar

Trail FX – Tailgate Light; 48 or 60 Inch Light Bar

2nd Amendment Rear Window Graphic

List Price: $159.95

Your Price: $84.95

You Save: $75.00 (47 %)

2nd Amendment Rear Window Graphic

Accel Extreme 9000 Wire for 5.2 and 5.9 Magnum V-8

List Price: $165.32

Your Price: $39.95

You Save: $125.37 (76 %)

Accel Extreme 9000 Wire for 5.2 and 5.9 Magnum V-8

Spark Plug Wire Set; Extreme 9000 Series; Black; 8 Millimeter Diameter; Silicone; Ferro-Spiral ™ Core; 500 Ohms Per Foot Resistance

Accel Fuel Injectors all sizes

List Price: $98.00

Your Price: $74.95

You Save: $23.05 (24 %)

Accel Fuel Injectors all sizes

AF/X Firm Motor Mount Dodge Dart

List Price: $125.00

Your Price: $79.95

You Save: $45.05 (36 %)

AF/X Firm Motor Mount Dodge Dart

AFX Dodge Dart Firm Motor Mount

AF/X Solid Motor Mount
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Loud Bicycle | Horn for bikes that sounds like a car

Sound like a car and prevent collisions.

Loud Bicycle horns have the power and sound of a car horn and mount on a bicycle. Alert people with just the touch of a button and bring safety under your control.

Vehicle Classification Information – New York State Thruway

Vehicle Classification Information

Vehicle classification is based on the height of the vehicle over the first two axles and the total number of axles, including any towed vehicles or trailers.  Vehicles under 7 feet 6 inches in height are considered “LOW” (L).  Vehicles 7 feet 6 inches in height or greater are considered “HIGH” (H).

The total number of axles plus the height designation equals the vehicle class as shown in the table (Figure 1) below. The diagram (Figure 2) below shows approximate vehicle heights in relation to the toll booth. Diagram (Figure 3) below shows examples of axle counts on various vehicles.   Example: Most two-axle passenger vehicles are Class 2L.

Helpful information can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions. (Discount applies to E-ZPassNY accounts only).

Loud Classic Loud Mini Droid Horn
Weather Resistance
Charging Port
Rechargeable Battery Life
Starting at $145 $149 $349
Figure 1 – Vehicle Class Table
Class Height Number of Axles E-ZPass* Discount
2L UNDER 7 feet 6 inches 2 5%
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Florida Airport Transportation & Town Car Service

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Reliable Florida Airport Transportation & Town Car Service you can Trust

With more than 20 years of experience in the private transportation industry, rely on Stagecoach Transportation for luxury town car service that is safe, dependable and affordable. Our experienced drivers are extremely professional and knowledgeable of the region. Regardless of whether you need a car service for the airport or a cruise port or just need a quick and reliable ride from point A to point B, we can accommodate your specific needs. 

Stagecoach Transportation provides first-class airport car services for Orlando International Airport, Tampa International Airport, FLL Airport and all other Florida airports, as well as cruise port pickup and drop-off for Tampa Port, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, Port of Miami and more.      
Our service area extends to the following Florida cities: Belleview, Gainesville, Lady Lake, Morriston, Ocala, Ocklawaha, Oxford, Reddick, Summerfield, The Villages, Wildwood and Williston.


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Das Auto-Institut

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AutomotiveINNOVATIONS Award

AutomotiveINNOVATIONS Web Portal


Further Information Further Information

The Center of Automotive Management (CAM) is an independent institute for empirical
automotive and mobility research and strategic consulting at the University of Applied
Sciences (FHDW) in Bergisch Gladbach. The institute supports its customers on the basis of
extensive automotive databases, in particular on the subject of automotive engineering
innovations in the global automotive industry as well as in market and financial performance
of car manufacturers and automotive suppliers.

Further Information Further Information

English website with reduced content.

Recent Studies

Research Areas


Connected Car

Mobility Services



About us

Full Website (German)

Further Information Further Information

Recent News
New office address:
An der Gohrsmühle 25,
51465 Bergisch Gladbach,
Awards 2018 will be held on:
June 6, 2018 in Frankfurt
Media coverage (selection)
The New York Times,
July 25, 2017
As Emissions Scandal Widens,
Diesel’s Future Looks Shaky
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